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shanghai petrochemical limited by share ltd sales and supply company is the shanghai petrochemical production and construction materials needed, procurement and supply of raw materials, as well as product storage and transport of integrated management. company supplies procurement with chemicals, materials, equipment, spare parts, supply scheduling and other business management departments. company to customer needs and satisfaction for the mission, to fine management, positive efforts to promote the integration of the logistics system, in which shanghai jinshan petrochemical logistics limited is an important support, and focus on the construction of information system, to optimize the flow of information goods, improve operation efficiency, in order to provide better service for customer.

shanghai jinshan petrochemical logistics company phase i warehouse area of about 8000 square meters, a total of eight imports and exports, you can put nearly 7000 tons of goods, goods per day hundreds of tons of imports and exports. in order to realize the information management, the company decided to use rfid to improve the intelligent warehouse management level, shanghai jinshan petrochemical logistics company through careful long-term technical research assessment, finally in a number of competing companies recognized the shanghai rfid system technology co. ltd. in rfid and logistics business, technology, integration, consistent that company has excellent cost-effective rfid solutions, in line with the current needs of the company and the logistics warehousing and distribution management needs, the final choice to implement the rfid afadi intelligent management of warehouse.
after two months of rfid system implementation, the current system has entered the stage of operation, and achieved the following results:
1) the system can quickly identify the incoming and outgoing time, location, quantity and other information, and automatically match the incoming and outgoing documents;
2) automatic identification, reduce manual intervention, reduce the error rate and ensure the safety of operators;
3) strict location management and time information acquisition ensure the effectiveness of first in first out;
4) tray and to remove the disc, adjust the position of assorted cold dishes, transfer operation effectively and correctly;
5) improve the convenience and visibility of warehouse management by intelligent handheld terminals;
6) mobile process management, to ensure the transparency of the operation, the scene;
7) reduce the difficulty of inventory operation and shorten the cycle;
8), and check the false alarm, timely correction to prevent the loss of form;
9) the design and installation of radio frequency tags are convenient, reusable, beneficial to standard operation, and lower the comprehensive cost of the system;
10) better ensure the consistency of logistics and information flow in warehouse management;
11) the application of rfid in warehouse management can be extended to the delivery link in the future, and correctly feedback the delivery process and results.
not only to bring the petrifaction logistics logistics management concepts update, improve the efficiency of logistics to implement the project, reduce the cost, optimize the human operation, but also to enhance the credibility of the logistics company, the establishment of professional logistics group's overall image, bring important differences in the core competitiveness of the technology, to improve the level of customer service and customer satisfaction, attract high-end customers, and establish a leading position in the industry has laid the foundation for petrochemical logistics.

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