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in march 29, 2010, the forum of university librarians in jiangsu opened at the library of nanjing university. jiangsu provincial education department deputy director ding xiaochang, deputy party secretary of nanjing university zhang yibin, assistant principal zhou xian, jiangsu province department of education departments, calis management center, nanjing library, jiangsu province science and technology information institute responsible person to attend the opening ceremony. the department of higher education of the ministry of education delivered a congratulatory telegram, which was presided over by hong xiuping, director of nanjing university library.

this forum lasts for two days. the theme is "co construction and sharing of resources and service innovation"". during the south library organization delegates professional group discussion, and through keynote speeches and seminars and other forms to allow delegates to fully communicate, share the experience in project construction, timely understand the latest developments of library and information industry.
shanghai afadi regional manager gong haozhou made "rfid" the library hand expo keynote speech at the meeting, the demand for different application modes of library characteristic, put forward the main equipment of rfid project, in order to meet the personalized needs of library.

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