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in order to fully implement the party's seventeenth and the fourth plenary session of the 17th cpc central committee spirit, adhere to the scientific outlook on development as a guide, to further strengthen the library management, improve the quality and level of library work, promote the development of libraries, the construction benefit all the public cultural service system, the ministry of culture in 2009 in the country to carry out the evaluation and grading work fourth times above the county public library the. with the joint efforts of the cultural administrative departments at various levels, libraries and librarians, the assessment has been successfully completed. according to the fourth public library evaluation standards, after examination and publicity, to determine the national l784 libraries to reach three or more library standards.

in the 1784 library, wuhan library, shanghai afadi construction of xiamen children's library, shanghai city library, hangzhou library, changning library, jianggan district library, xiamen hangzhou city, shanghai city, putuo district ordos library, shanghai city library, pudong library, as a museum.
evaluation criteria for comparing the fourth above the county public library, library and library facilities to improve the construction of rfid, the construction of basic business, reader service, business research, guidance, coordination, culture sharing project construction business development direction of fit, shanghai afadi believe that in the near future, rfid will drive the development of library construction of library business.

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