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on july 25-29, 2010 chinese library association annual meeting was held in jilin changchun, from all over the country the system of library workers, representatives, on behalf of the library technology research and development institutions and the business community and the american library circles published more than 900 people attended the meeting. take this opportunity, shanghai rfid system technology limited company in the afternoon of 27 13:30 - 15:30, held on the theme of "theory of rfid technology in the development trend of future afadi library (rfid) venue activities make the library full of imagination".

at the meeting, shanghai afadi company general manager mr. huang jihua and mr. gong haozhou of market department for everyone to do a review of the development of the company and the related keynote speech on behalf of the company so that each audience are more in-depth understanding of the development of rfid company history, product characteristics, rfid technology in the development process, the application of the library and the future development trend.
when it comes to the future development trend of rfid technology in the field of library, shanghai afadi company believes that there are a few points worthy of attention:
firstly, rfid technology becomes more mature, and whether the chip cost or equipment costs will continue to decline, so the use of rfid technology in the next few years the library will be more and more, for rfid in the past held "doubt, expensive" will no longer exist.
secondly, the application of rfid technology will show the trend of letting a hundred flowers blossom and a hundred schools of thought contend. on the one hand, more and more libraries will have a more complex and more personalized demand, will be the pursuit of innovation in technology, thus requiring manufacturers to provide products to meet the personalized needs of their appearance, such as personalized personalized interface, personalized features and products; on the other hand, for rfid technology there will be more itself different options, such as: high frequency and ultra high frequency selection.
for the future development of afadi company said that it would take a positive attitude to meet even exceed, and in various forms to the guests introduced the company to solve the obtained scheme results in the personalized, shows a lot of personalized products, such as: rush and self-service integration equipment, small pavilion reservation equipment (200 volumes), street smart library equipment to realize automatic book shelves and digital resource service (480/720 book), medium-sized intelligent library system (1000 ~ 5000 volumes), large intelligent stereo stacks (5000 ~ 50000), three-dimensional sorting system, intelligent bookshelf system etc.. these personalized products and technologies, so that guests to find everything new and new, have rfid technology progress and future development expressed surprise and great expectations.
at the same time, the company gave each of the guests, afadi prepared some small gifts, especially during the sweepstakes will be lively and vivid, continuous small venue active lively atmosphere to a climax.

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