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in 2010, shanghai rfid system technology limited company to say that with the arrival of 2011, our first battle started in 2011, the beijing normal university library rfid special equipment project! as of december 31, 2010, a total of 5 colleges and universities in beijing implemented the installation of rfid system, and our company successfully implemented three universities, namely, beijing institute of technology, beijing university of agriculture, beijing college of polotics and law.
in 2011, shanghai rfid system technology co. ltd. started the campaign in beijing each college library, with the increasingly sophisticated technology and project experience, each university library will give beijing bring a rfid revolution!
beijing normal university is a key university directly under the ministry of education, teacher education, education is one of the basic disciplines of science and arts as the main characteristics of the famous universities, hundreds of years, beijing normal university has been with the chinese nation for independence, freedom, democracy, prosperity and progress with a common fate. beijing normal university is rich in educational resources and is an important base for the cultivation of high-quality and innovative talents in china.
beijing normal university library in 1902 peking university teachers hall library. in 1917, the library of beijing normal college was set up". in february 1931, the library of the women's teachers college of beiping university was incorporated into the library of beijing normal university. from 1954 to 1959, due to site reasons, the library consists of three parts: outside the peace nanxinhua school headquarters; fu jen university library; beitaipingzhuang campus. in 1959, the construction of library buildings in beitaipingzhuang campus, a total area of 9300 square meters, reading in front of the building, a library building after building eight storey.

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