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at the beginning of 2011, by the international networking and application trade association, rfid world network, "the world of things" by "guangdong rfid industry alliance", "shanghai rfid alliance", "shandong rfid industry alliance" and other union institutions organized the 2010 annual rfid world selected opening activities, experience a a month of media, experts, enterprises and internet voting, recently officially announced the results of activities. shanghai afadi with "rfid self-service book drifting hand pavilion expo" this application, in the "2010 china rfid industry top ten most was the second successful application of influence".

the self-service rafting kiosk is a new self-service library system. she has two functions: physical books, self-help rafting and electronic resources downloading and rafting. it contains two book browsing areas and a book drifting area, which can provide readers with books browsing, electronic book downloading and physical book rafting. readers can browse all kinds of electronic books; access to electronic resources through the usb storage device, the bluetooth mobile phone, e-mail in three ways; by virtue of a variety of documents (people's republic of china, world expo, the second generation id card ticket, shanghai world expo work permit, passport) in one, participating in the book "drift".

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