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our company has opened the library market of yunnan province by winning the project of kunming library rfid by virtue of providing excellent quality, advanced equipment, rich experience in project implementation and good after-sales service.
in kunming this year proposed to create "museum city, city library, create a scholarly kunming" cultural meaning, enhance the cultural quality of the city, accelerate the construction of pan asian cultural city.
kunming existing library books in 603 thousand, has 5 branch, 5 community public reading rooms and 21 circulation point. the basic realization of the public space facilities and site accessibility, zero threshold, people in the open area can freely enjoy reading books, listening to lectures, database query, watch the video, provide access to information and other services to minors.
the construction of "library city" focuses on the construction of a large network of libraries in kunming, such as interconnection, sharing of resources, perfect functions, convenient and quick services, covering the whole city and serving the whole people. in a tangible and intangible resources of digital resources based on modern network information technology, the centerbranch system mode of operation platform, city 24 hours self-service library service to supplement, to achieve the combination of position service and mobile service of library resources, the combination of paper and digital resources, public libraries and institutions of enterprises and institutions the combination of library resources, build service system covering urban and rural areas, reasonable layout, resource sharing, various forms of modern public library, with the nearest self-service card, self-service library, self-help books and other self-service library service to the public.

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