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qidong municipal government procurement and bidding exchange bid announcement published on 08 november 2012 by the shanghai government procurement, rfid system technology limited company successfully won the bid for the modernization of qidong library reading equipment - self-service of competitive negotiation equipment project, bid amount of 650 thousand yuan.
march 1956 qidong city library built in huilong town qidong county democratic street no. 2, midway was three times and the county cultural centers and branch, july 1979 formally independent system.
build a museum for more than fifty years, in the correct leadership of the party and the government and the administrative department of culture under the support of the community under the care of the museum, adhere to the "reader first, service first" purpose, organized a wide range of civilization integrity, quality service and special service activities, the organization of party members to carry out "demonstrative window" and "vanguard party post" to create activities, for the construction of harmonious civilization qidong, qidong offers a number of library and retrieval, information consulting and tracking services, give full play to the important functions of the library information transfer and social education, the departments and all levels of party and government departments in charge of cultural and community recognition.

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