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guangdong hualun tendering co. ltd. announced on september 12, 2013 in foshan city library "block intelligent library system project bid results from shanghai rfid system technology limited company successfully won the bid for the rfid project, the amount of 928000 yuan.
foshan city library is the library building area of nearly 18000 square meters, more than 70 volumes of books (including 40 thousand volumes of books), 3000 chinese and foreign periodicals, guangdong province is one of the modern large-scale public library and information center. besides providing books, newspapers and periodicals and network information services, there are also exhibition halls, lecture halls, training centers and other facilities. it is a multi-functional and comprehensive cultural activity place. actively carry out the construction of digital library and the united library of foshan city library, create a reading of the "spring" national reading activities, "south wind lecture" activities, information services, legal services, children's reading a number of brand service activities by the general public and the industry praise and recognition, was awarded the "national library", "the national culture advanced unit", "national civilized library", "national reading promotion of advanced units and many other honors.

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