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ma'anshan city, a win-win bidding center limited liability company in 2016 07 months 01 days and 24 hours to complete the library self-service book borrowing system of equipment procurement and installation project bidding work, our company successfully won the bid for the project, the bid amount is 391 thousand yuan.
the county library is the leather and [1978]133 word document approved the establishment in 1984 after the county government across the street a few bungalows relocation site office building no. 29 wenchang road culture.
after years of development, the library collection total 88 thousand volumes, a total length of 1950 meters in the storage shelves, open 36019 books and periodicals, issuing a library card 410, the total annual circulation of 57187 people, to carry out various activities 12 times, in 1195 people, the existing 29 computer museum.
the direct leadership over the years and publication bureau of the county party committee and government's attention and care culture broadcast news, the museum staff through the unremitting efforts, in 1994 and 1999, 2004, 2010 has four times by the ministry of culture for the assessment of the national public library "three level library" title, this is the county people's glory.

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