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guizhou dongxu construction engineering consulting co. ltd. in 2016 07 month 28 days to complete the automation system of zunyi city library upgrade evaluation items, our successful bidder for the project bid amount of rmb 952 thousand and 200 yuan.
zunyi city library was founded in 1951, guizhou province one of the earliest established public library, the site after jiang ancestral hall (zunyi city), the former red army general political department, yin road no. 7, moved to its present site in 2006, september 28, 2007 officially opened the new museum, in 2009 was named the country (city) level of public the library. (this assessment, tongzi county library for county level two museum, chishui city, renhuai city, meitan county, fenggang county, xishui county, suiyang county, county library as three county level museum.)
the new zunyi library covers an area of 25000 square meters, construction area of 12400 square meters, with 1000 seats for reading books; amounted to more than 50 books (including books, more than 40 thousand volumes, national rare books 4), annual subscription journals of nearly 1000 species, nearly 200 kinds of newspapers.

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