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for the 2010 shanghai china passing world expo "city better life" concept, by the shanghai library digital resources, to provide technical support and drifting shanghai afadi library resources in shanghai city of putuo library in shanghai, world expo park (entrance expo news) set up a new generation of intelligent atm drifting outside the museum library service point. the atm equipment of the intelligent library outside the library realizes the drifting of books resources by radio frequency identification technology, and provides the related book drifting service for world expo. the atm service is bookcrossing self-service system a new library, she has the physical books and electronic resources to download the self drifting drifting two functions, can also provide books browsing, e-book download, rafting and other services for the readers of physical books. the reader with a variety of documents (people's republic of china, world expo, the second generation id card ticket, shanghai world expo work permit, passport) in one, participating in the book "drift", and access to electronic resources through the usb storage devices, bluetooth mobile phone and e-mail in three ways. readers can also browse the electronic screen, select interesting catalogue, and get the drifting books at the atm entrance of the intelligent library outside the library.

shanghai afadi intelligent museum library atm devices will be widely used in the city of shanghai and the country, bring the joy of knowledge transfer for readers. books into the expo, rafting to hand in hand, rfid technology to achieve. shanghai afadi people will continue to play a greater value for the development of library service work.

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