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source: electronic engineering world date: 2011-02-09

according to isuppli, after years of development, china's radio frequency identification (rfid) semiconductor market in the next few years will be growing by leaps and bounds, achieve huge scale, sales will more than double in 2009-2014.

china's rfid market is expected to grow to $1.4 billion in 2010, up 22% from $1.1 billion in 2009. but that pales in comparison to the next few years. by 2014, the rfid market will be $2.4 billion, more than double what it was in 2009, as shown below.

rfid uses radio waves to transfer data between the electronic tags on the radar and objects, making it easier to identify and track. many people believe that rfid will replace the barcode system, it has many advantages compared with the latter in logistics applications, such as do not need to contact and the line of sight, can transmit identification or tracking information.

china is the rise of the rfid market, transportation, warehouse, logistics, electronic payment, health care equipment tracking, asset management, food safety system in areas such as the result of demand growth.

at the same time, technology consolidation in the rfid market is growing. many companies have begun to study technological innovation to expand the range of applications for rfid devices, including mobile payments.

the cost of obstacles

the cost of rfid still prevents it from being widely accepted, even though it has many advantages over the bar code. but with the rapid development of integrated circuit manufacturing technology, the cost of rfid chips continues to decline, and the price of many chinese high frequency rfid cards has now fallen to about one yuan. sticker prices have become cheaper and are expected to fall further. isuppli predicts that as the technology matures, the production of related products will be more mature, which will drive rfid devices to economies of scale.

red label

in 2010, a sharp drop in second-generation rfid shipments led to a sharp decline in sales of labels, which has so far outpaced sales. but the shanghai world expo and the guangzhou asian games have effectively promoted the development of the market, which accounts for 48 per cent of the overall market.

overall, the chinese government's large investment in the internet of things will drive the development of the rfid industry in china. the development of the internet of things has been listed in china's 12th five-year plan. although the rfid ecosystem is still immature in terms of standards, costs and suppliers, isuppli believes the industry will grow rapidly in the next four years.

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