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beijing, oct. 20 (xinhua) --at 10:00 on october 20, 19 news center press hall on the second floor held a press conference in the center of the journalists from asia, invite scott rozelle, deputy secretary of the communist party's propaganda department, deputy director of the central government, full-time xia weidong, vice minister of culture sign aaron, zhang hongsen, deputy director of general administration of press and publication, radio and television culture construction and to strengthen ideological and moral are introduced, and answer questions from reporters. 

china national radio:

i would like to ask minister xiang, you just mentioned in your introduction that in recent years, china has continuously increased input in the field of public cultural services. you also mentioned that the public cultural services network has been basically established, and the law on the guarantee of public cultural services in china also proposes to realize equal access to public cultural services in urban and rural areas.however, we found in the interview that in the central and western regions and some rural areas, there are still few people who can enjoy such cultural services, and some cultural facilities are not well maintained.could you please tell us what new "prescriptions" the cultural authorities have for addressing the shortcomings and getting through the last mile in the future? 

xiang zhaolun, vice minister of culture:

you have just talked about "equalization" and "shortcomings", which are points we pay close attention to in the construction of public culture.when we talk about the development of public cultural services, we have three key words: basic, standardization and equalization. this is to address the problem of imbalance and inadequacies based on the basic national conditions. 

getting through the last kilometer is also a top priority in our public culture work in recent this regard, we are now taking a series of measures to address the problem.the specific measures can be summarized as "the four have".what do we have?there are standards, networks, content and talent. 

first, there are standards. we have formulated the national guiding standards for basic public cultural services.the standards specify the content and quantity of cultural services that urban and rural residents can enjoy free of present, standards are still being implemented in various localities. we are encouraging localities to implement these standards one by one and turn them into tangible cultural life for the masses. 

second, the internet enables services to reach all localities and communities.launched "to this end, we focus on poor area nationality autonomous county, yichun village comprehensive cultural services center covers engineering" "car flow culture project" and "mobile library project" project, to speed up the situation at the county level library and cultural center of system construction, and promote quality culture resources to the basic-level countryside extension, and extension in poor areas. 

the third is content.the development of cultural undertakings and cultural industries has greatly enriched the supply of culture.we are actively using a variety of means to provide increasingly rich public cultural resources for grassroots communities.for example, there is a big measure, we are carrying out the digital library promotion project, now quite a number of counties can do, in the county library can be free to share the digital resources provided by the national library.what is the amount of resources currently available?in county-level libraries, the number of electronic books in the national library has reached over 1.6 million, over 1000 kinds of periodicals, over 600 kinds of newspapers, and over 1500 open classes. 

fourth, there are talented people to build public in mtcsol combined with focus on construction of grass-roots culture at the same time, in recent years, we have selected more than 80000 excellent cultural workers to outlying and poverty-stricken areas, the frontier minority areas and the old revolutionary base areas to help work, also implemented a project "" spring rain" the fierceness of the earth "" sunshine project" and other projects, organization of cultural volunteers to rural and remote areas to carry out the volunteer service, every year hundreds of thousands of volunteers to carry out the service at the grassroots level.

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