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rfid security gates is a system equipment which can scan and identify the circulation data with rfid tags. it is used for the circulation department to control the circulation data and achieve the purpose of anti-theft and monitoring. the equipment of the system can determine whether the alarm message sounds by judging the book borrowing status.

1. power supply requirements: ac 220v

2. rated power: <20w

4. work enivronment: 0℃~60℃

5. relative humidity: 8%~80%

1. it can scan the printed materials, audio-visual publications, cds and dvds in the library safely without damaging the magnetic media pasted in the circulation documents.

2. it supports security modes like afi, eas, afi eas.

3. with flow counting function, data can be reset.

4. it has expansibility and does not reduce detection sensitivity.

5. multi channel safety gates has single channel independent alarm and prompt function.

1. it can be connected with the display of gate head screen. if the borrowed books are brought to the security gates, the gate head will display the information of the borrowed books, and has the function of multiple books display, and supports remote control

2. it support mobile app to borrow books. readers can directly take the library's collected literature out of the library after they have successfully borroowed the collected literature through the mobile app. when passing through the security gates, the security gates will not alarm.

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