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through the identification of rfid tags, the sorting of different types of circulation materials can be completed automatically, continuously and efficiently in large quantities, and the corresponding processing of abnormal books and reserved books can be carried out at the same time. the intelligent sorting system adopts multiple sorting, which can expand the sorting points flexibly, and the sorting strategy can be adjusted flexibly according to the demand.

1. net weight: 135kg

2. power supply requirements: ac 220v, 50hz

3. rated power: < 300w(three sorting)

4. work enivronment: -32℃~78℃

5. relative humidity:10%~90%

1. support different sorting modes: rfid books and non rfid books, rfid books sorting modes of this library and other libraries, etc.

2. modular design, each sorting module works independently, even if one sorting module fails, it will not affect the work of other sorting modules.

3. the sorting module can be expanded infinitely.

4. with sleep mode, it can sleep automatically when there is no sorting task, and can be triggered immediately when there is a sorting task, saving energy consumption.

5. it can directly connect the outdoor book return system equipment to realize book return pre sorting.

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