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a self-service equipment which integrates the functions of registering, borrowing and returning, querying, renewing and returning books to the shelves in real time. it can be flexibly deployed in various public places such as office buildings, communities, subway stations, airports, shopping malls and supermarkets, so as to facilitate the readers to borrow and return books nearby and reduce the workload of librarians in the management of returning books.

1. net weight: ≤450kg

2. display: 17 inch

3. power supply requirements: ac 220v

4. rated power: ≤300w

1. multiple books can be borrowed or returned at one time.

2. support face recognition, e-card, entity reader card, id card, social security card, etc.

3. books can be returned and put on the shelves again without the need for the librarian's follow-up processing.

4. monitoring management function: centralized monitoring of readers, book circulation and equipment operation

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