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before collection and compilation, the library will provide the popular and high-quality books provided by bookstores or booksellers that meet the library's recommendation and purchase rules to the readers for self borrowing through the book collection cabinet, and give the readers the right to choose books.

this kind of innovative and intelligent service is not only conducive to the expansion of cultural publicity channels and the promotion of national reading, but also can meet the needs of the book publishing industry in new book push, radiation breadth and other aspects.

1. net weight: ≤400kg

2. dispaly: 17 inch

3. power supply requirements: ac 220v

4. rated power: ≤100w

5. the cabinet door is controlled by the electric lock, and the status of the cabinet door can be obtained at any time.

1. support reader authentication

2. isbn number scanning for books on shelves

3. the home page supports to display the list of all books on the shelf on self-service equipment

4. support the designated administrator card to log in and open the book management interface to realize the book on the shelf, book off the shelf, etc.

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