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intelligent bookshelf is a high-performance on shelf book management system, which supports parallel application of multiple bookshelves. shanghai rfid smart bookshelf not only has the functions of 3d navigation, borrowing and returning books, query, real-time listing of books, statistical analysis of readers' reading habits, but also has the features of book recommendation, online book booking, mobile phone statistical reports, etc.

1. net weight: 65kg per segment

2. work environment: -32℃~78℃ per segment

3. relative humity: 10%~90% per segment

4. power supply requirement: ac 220v per segment

5. rated power: ≤100w per segment

1. support face recognition, e-card, entity reader card, id card

2. real-time positioning, real-time inventory, returning is shelving

3. 3d book navigation: in the smart shelf area, readers can quickly find books according to the 3d path displayed on the screen after finding the books to be borrowed

4. 3d book navigation of the whole library: after the intelligent bookshelf is connected with the indoor navigation and positioning system, readers can accurately find the books on the intelligent bookshelf in any area of the library through the mobile terminal

5. recommendation of paper books and e-books

6. online book reservation, online and offline lending integration

7. a variety of mobile reports for reference in book selection and purchase

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