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a specially customized system management platform for library information release, which makes the collection and release of information faster and more effective. it is convenient for the library and readers to grasp the information of the library and its branches in real time, such as the situation of borrowing and returning books, the ranking of borrowing and reading, the statistics of handling certificates, the statistics of swiping cards and opening doors, etc.

1. dynamic display of real-time statistics such as the number of people in the library, monthly distribution of the number of readers, cumulative number of people in the library and the list of alarm books.

2. dynamically display the distribution, total number of books borrowed and returned, and the list of borrowing and returning

3. circular display of recommended books by librarians, easy configuration of book cover and text description

4. display time, temperature, etc.

5. automatic weather update

6. analysis of borrowing period

7. popular books, new book recommendation display

8. display of lending leaderboards and other leaderboards

9. analyze big data of book information in library circulation;

10. support the configuration of display module

11. support multi page circular display

12. support multi configuration data display of city study

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