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wenzhou city study is welcomed by readers in the development process, and its outlets are increasing day by day. at the same time, the management of service outlets in wenzhou library becomes more and more prominent, such as equipment operation status, network equipment maintenance, network reader behavior management, etc.
the rfid central management platform of shanghai afadi library adopts the basic design idea of decentralized monitoring, centralized operation and management, and adopts the structural form of multi-level classification and cooperation autonomy. its main features are centralized management and decentralized monitoring, real-time monitoring, management, business statistics and other work of each self-service terminal equipment, which can effectively solve the management problems of library service outlets, improve the management level of urban study, and promote the construction of the general library branch system.

1. core modules can be deployed independently and support horizontal function expansion.

2. monitor the components on a single device, which can be detailed to monitor the components such as printers, readers and writers on self-service devices.

3. support various data statistics such as swiping card and opening door statistics, card handling statistics, lending ranking statistics, reader ranking statistics, circulation statistics, etc.

4. third party platform access is allowed.

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