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elibrary system is a new generation of library cluster management platform, which is developed according to the construction requirements of the current library cluster general branch. the system highly integrates the three modules of resource management, reader management and service application management of the library, adopts b / s structure, the web page version can log in, supports mainstream operating system platforms, is suitable for the construction of the library cluster general branch library, and realizes the library cluster management in an all-round way.

it mainly includes seven modules, such as interview, catalogue, collection, circulation, journal, system management and opac application service, as well as features of equipment monitoring management, big data analysis, digital resource management, etc.

1. the system has more than 3500 journals, 350 newspapers and more than 200000 books, which are updated regularly.

2. opac application service module includes opac retrieval system and paper electricity integrated management function, providing a variety of retrieval methods, supporting online scanning reading of e-books and e-journals.

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