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through the combination of software and hardware of automation system and warehouse management, the intelligent 3d stack room can realize the automatic access, circulation, sorting, stocking in and out of books, dock with online lending system and library business management system, and realize full scene booking and borrowing in the library. after arriving at the library, readers can get the books they borrowed through the self-service borrowing terminal without looking for books, leading the new trend of library borrowing.

1. high shelf and customized book box are adopted to realize high-density storage of books and efficient utilization of stack area.

2. the multi-layer shuttle system realizes the combination of box stacker, four-way shuttle car and automatic sorting machine to realize the automatic access of books, fully save library manpower and greatly improve the use and circulation efficiency of books.

3. the flexibility of system design is realized through modular product series.

4. the concept of variable positioning and intelligent it technology help optimize the storage of boxes.

5. dynamic adjustable storage location and expandable book classification logic help to maintain the flexibility of the system and book business management.

6. the innovative single and multi-layer shuttle technology can meet various needs of the library.

7. the software interface can display the status of shuttle, elevator and roadway, and control the shuttle car.

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