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smart cart is an intelligent terminal for reading, identifying and putting books on the shelves with rfid tags. librarians can handle multiple books on the shelves at one time through the smart car.
equipped with touch screen and intuitive button keys, it provides simple and easy to operate human-computer interaction process, and provides intuitive and easy to understand operation instructions.
the background of the system is connected with the application system through tcp / ip protocol, which can quickly and accurately complete the operation on the shelf.

1. seamless connection between rfid data management platform and library automation system

2. it can read rfid tags in a non-contact way, quickly identify rfid tags pasted on documents, and be compatible with uhf-rfid tags of different manufacturers.

3. it can automatically record the book information put into the book cart, display the shelf position of books, and guide librarians to put them on the shelves.

4. provide business management and statistical functions, such as librarian account login, librarian daily workload statistics, etc.

5. it has expandable wireless network connection function and can transmit data through wireless network and server. it can work under the condition of networking or non networking.

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