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through the combination of pc terminal, mobile terminal and touch screen all-in-one machine, it can realize online and offline seat self-service reservation and use. it has intelligent self-service seat query, reservation, sign in, cancel appointment, leave temporarily, renew contract, withdraw seat, report and other reader end functions. it can display various states of reading room seat, such as idle, use, temporary leave and disable.
at the same time, it provides blacklist management, integral management, query statistics and other management functions.
mobile terminals support h5 pages, which can easily access wechat official account.
system implements localization deployment so that data security is better.

1. applicable to readers: it mainly has the functions of intelligent self-service query, appointment, cancellation, renewal, sign in, temporary leave, seat withdrawal, report, view appointment record and breach record, etc;

2. applicable to administrators: mainly have functions like system management, daily management, statistical query

it has scalability and compatibility, and can be connected with the existing campus card system, library business management system, access control management system, etc., so as to improve the utilization rate of the existing space resources of the library.

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