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the popular e-books are recommended for 52 weeks throughout the year, which can not only help the library to activate digital resources efficiently, but also enable readers to enjoy free and flexible mobile reading.

1. recommendation of popular/classic books: for 52 weeks throughout the year, 3-6 popular/classic books are recommended every week to release the book value, lead the whole people to read, carry forward the reading culture and build a scholarly society

2. digital resources promotion: provide more direct and reader oriented book promotion channels and digital resources utilization channels for the library, so as to improve the utilization rate of library resources

3. the online use of resources: readers only need scan the recommended books' qr code and add the library's official account, so that mobile reading can be realized, and it is convenient and flexible

4. massive genuine resources: book recommendation has a large number of genuine resources

5. check the borrowing records: according to the library's needs, readers can see their own borrowing records in the front end and the library can see the readers' borrowing records in the management background

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