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relying on the existing mobile platform (wechat, mobile app) to integrate mobile phone code scanning book borrowing, realize the front-end application of mobile book borrowing, make "mobile book borrowing" become a reality in the library, not only save the equipment cost, but also further increase the convenience.

1. support the general and branch library system: it is applicable to the current mainstream library management application platform. under the city wide loan and return mode, the library using mobile phone borrowing and returning does not affect the book anti-theft monitoring of the library that does not use mobile phone borrowing and returning;

2. convenience: readers only need to use mobile devices such as mobile phones to scan the barcode of books, and the whole process is less than 3 seconds;

3. security: the books borrowed by mobile phone will not cause false alarm through the security gates;

4. high efficiency: readers don't need to go to circulation desk, self-service loan station to complete borrowing, so as to improve the efficiency of library books;

5. rapid identification: combined with the traditional rfid technology, the book label is managed in a special way to realize the rapid identification and response of book monitoring;

6. support mainstream mobile platform: support wechat, library app and other mainstream mobile application access.

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