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based on the idea of giving full play to the role of libraries in colleges and universities, the solution of intelligent library in colleges and universities should be established in line with the multi campus and multi application scenarios of modern colleges and universities. with the advantages of campus lan and mobile network, the scheme integrates the internet of things and internet technologies and products such as rfid, face recognition, wechat platform, sesame credit, cloud computing, big data, etc., to help the library play its role, improve the library traffic, and assist the university to build a further "double first-class" modern university.

construction of multi campus and multi library management platform
with the help of shanghai rfid elibrary system, help the university library to establish the general branch library mode and independent operation mode, realize the large circulation of books in the university, the all-in-one card of the university teachers and students library, establish the inter university book data and resource sharing mechanism, and promote the sound development of the campus library.

diversified service mode of campus library
by extending the tentacles of the micro library to the teaching building, dormitory building, canteen and gymnasium, we can realize the full coverage of the books on campus, enrich the service mode of the campus library, increase the fluidity of the books in the library, and give full play to the library efficiency.

setting up the book reservation mechanism on campus
take the library web site, wechat as the entrance, and the reservation cabinet as the carrier, build the book reservation network of the whole school, and realize a more accurate book borrowing channel.

establish a convenient book lending channel in the library
through the function of borrowing books by mobile phone, books can be directly scanned to realize book borrowing, which makes library book borrowing more convenient and effective.

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