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shanghai rfid smart public library solution, with the help of iot, internet, cloud computing, big data and other new technology advantages of the internet plus era, is working with libraries to create a new library application and service mode, to realize the multi-layer service system of the general library, internet technology (face recognition, bluetooth navigation) integration, and internet services. ma credit) integration, big data application, help the library to transform from traditional library to intelligent library, take the reader as the center, maximize the library efficiency, and improve the utilization rate of social public cultural resources.

service system of general and branch libraries

on the basis of afadiyun intelligent book management platform, we will create a variety of general and branch level modes, such as "central library general library branch library", "general library branch library basic library", to help the library build a general and branch library service system.

book circulation

with afadiyun intelligent book management platform as the core and rfid products as the media, the inter city cross library book circulation of the library will be realized, so that readers in the city / county can have one card in hand and the whole city can borrow and return.

“library ”servicecirculationmode

" mobile app" —— borrowing by mobile phone

shanghai rfid mobile book borrowing application scheme, based on mobile phone scanning code, mobile application as carrier, combined with rfid anti-theft monitoring technology, allows readers to borrow books freely in the library without affecting the original rfid application of the library, greatly improving the efficiency of book borrowing, truly realizing the non queuing of book borrowing and improving the overall service efficiency of the library.

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" iot" —— senseless technology of borrowing

rfid、rifd, infrared, face recognition and other internet of things technologies are integrated to realize the library's senseless borrowing and lending, so that the library can truly achieve non queuing, efficient access, efficient borrowing and returning. at the same time, it can integrate with sesame credit, realize the senseless letter of credit, and make the library service more convenient and efficient.

“ internet” —— online booking

break the isolated island of open shelf and closed shelf resources, efficiently integrate the open resources of the library, realize the borrowing and reading inside and outside the library with the help of modern logistics service ability, and improve the book circulation efficiency.

“ online finance” —— credit book borrowing

shanghai rfid, together with sesame credit, has jointly built an internet book reading credit system, integrating credit into the circulation of books such as letter of credit, loan and return, realizing the functions of library credit, loan and return, contract award, default control, etc., making the use of readers simpler and library management more efficient.

“ urban transportation” —— metro library

micro library products enter the subway station, expand the circulation channels of library books, open up the purchasing chain of "library bookseller", and easily realize the library purchasing mode of "you select books and i pay for them".

professional outsourcing services

shanghai rfid library professional outsourcing service solution is based on information technology, which provides brand operation services for library customers on the basis of completing the basic business of purchasing, cataloging and circulation library. it covers brand operation, event planning, book collection service, catalog service, document processing management, circulation service, database construction service, information technology services, etc.

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