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rfid digital culture center aims at improving the efficiency of public cultural services, innovating the public cultural management system and operating mechanism, improving the coordination mechanism of public cultural service system construction, promoting the grass-roots party committee and government to implement all kinds of major cultural projects and projects, establishing and improving the supervision and evaluation mechanism of grass-roots public cultural services, carrying out normalized public cultural service efficiency evaluation, establishing the feedback mechanism of mass cultural needs, enhancing the vitality of intangible cultural heritage, strengthening publicity and exhibition, and establishing the digital cultural museum of the internet plus era.

cooperative type of general and branch libraries

to establish a unified standard and mode, and form a service system and network of "1 general library x branch libraries y branch libraries n masses". the "menu type" and "order type" services are used to allocate the cooperation functions of the general and branch libraries, which are responsible for the interaction and demand information of users; the general library is responsible for the integration and deployment of digital resources to achieve the service mode of "top-down integration". in the platform business architecture design, combined with the city (district, county, village) cultural center, the actual situation of cultural center business function construction at all levels is designed. based on business management, digital resources as the carrier and service platform as the channel, we will build a digital culture service platform with resource sharing, interconnection, powerful function and rich content.

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