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cloud and county bidding center on 2016 03, 09, the completion of yunhe county library on the rfid book automation management equipment project evaluation work, our company successfully won the project, the winning amount of 559 thousand and 500 yuan.
in sixteen years (1927) the establishment of yunhe county public library, in nineteen years (1930 years) to the library and the mass education museum ", is located in the old confucian books department, more than a thousand copies, in 1950 changed to the" cloud county people's cultural museum library, is located in town god's temple, in 1960 moved to the ancestral hall (i.e., xinhua que street no. 67), in 1978 the independent.
has a total of 400 reading seats, 90 network nodes; adhering to the principle of public welfare, fairness, convenience, follow the "reader first, service first" philosophy, free opening and the library provides books borrowing, consulting, services in the network, lectures, exhibitions, education and training services; build the cultural information sharing project and the public electronic reading room, digital reading promotion projects; in the county built a branch, farm house, the circulation service outside the library, built rfid self-service library, 24 hours of public library.
the resources in the library, in the series of books more than 17.8 books, mainly distributed in the lending department, children's reading room, reading room, reference and borrowing of rural local literature etc department; build, purchase, use of digital resources sharing 200tb; local literature department in the extensive collection of literature on the basis of consolidation, and highlight the ancient folk the literature collection, build a resource database with local characteristics: wooden toys and the cultural database database, rich resources to enhance the competitiveness of the local social economic factor in implantation of brand culture, to benefit the public cultural services in diverse groups to achieve fresh bright creativity.

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