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hubei tianxi engineering consulting co. ltd. in 2016 02 month 29 days to complete the outdoor xiaogan city library 24 hours self-service library procurement project bidding work, our successful bidder for the project bid amount of rmb 246 thousand yuan.
the xiaogan city library was originally a xiaogan regional library. it was founded in 1978 and was renamed as the xiaogan city library in 1993 after xiaogan was evacuated from the city. at present, the total construction area of 4200 square meters of xiaogan city library, a collection of 300 thousand books, subscribe to all kinds of 600 kinds of periodicals and newspapers, digital resources reserves of more than 6tb, built into a set of printed documents, electronic documents and audio-visual literature, network literature as a whole, a wide range of disciplines, combining the entity and virtual museum collection system. a book, newspaper reading, literature search, children's reading and electronic reading, speech, blind reader activities and training multi service window, providing library for readers, information consultation, topic retrieval, public lectures, youth cultural activities and other services. in 2011, the xiaogan library achieved free access to society.

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