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in 1995, the united nations educational, scientific and cultural organization declared april 23rd world book day". in april 22nd "world reading day" as an opportunity, xuhui district library and shanghai afadi together in the building together to carry out the exchange from belling reading day "activities, to create a strong atmosphere of culture building ling, reading atmosphere.
during the event, the xuhui district library is the love of reading in the park for the above general white-collar deposit free card reader, to come to the consultation for white-collar workers in a continuous line, a short two hour issued a total of 52 card reader. at the same time, the librarian to the scene of the old and new readers to guide the use of "hui happyreading" book about app, the novel and unique way of reading by a large number of readers, readers only with the intelligent mobile phone hands can be completed from the "book of the covenant" to the pleasure of reading, so easy to focus on solutions about book readers in a continuous line.
the beauty of life, the beauty in the mind, the book infection, is the perfect life. in such a fast-paced, high-pressure life, let's take a short nap and pick up paper books, just as we did in our childhood, and enjoy the fun of reading!

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