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on the morning of april 14th, the work conference of henan university library in 2017 was held in the multi-function lecture hall of our university library. henan university of commission director cui muyue, deputy secretary general wang bo, the national university commission of education department of henan province higher education department deputy director yue desheng, deputy director of henan provincial library association long shen shaochun, henan institute of science and technology information director chu ming chao, zhengzhou library association director-general li hongyan, university of henan province committee deputy director zhang huaitao figure li jingwen, deputy director of henan province, the university library committee of zhengzhou university library curator yao wu and our chairman chen xiaochun, president chen sikun attended the meeting, the director of university library and related people more than 200 people attended the meeting. the meeting was presided over by cui bo, deputy director general and secretary general of henan provincial university work committee.
at the opening ceremony, chairman chen xiaochun delivered his first speech. he welcomed the arrival of our leaders and experts on behalf of me, and then introduced the history, cultural environment, curriculum and faculty of our university. he said that the university library is not only a campus site to provide knowledge resources, but also a platform for creating the future through knowledge and providing scientific research. he hoped that through the library can let the student experience the advanced facility and the front idea better, provides the superior condition for the student's growth.
then, in henan province commission director cui muyue, the national university library working committee deputy secretary general wang bo, henan provincial library association vice chairman shen shaochun, henan province science and technology information institute director chu mingchao, zhengzhou library association chairman li hongyan, the education department of henan province higher education department deputy director yue desheng has delivered a speech, and read the recognition of the advanced units file. among them, our school won the henan university library management and service innovation advanced unit title.
the meeting lasted two days, according to the arrangements for the meeting of "henan university of commission 2106 work report", "henan university of commission in 2017 working arrangements" work report "and the university library reading promotion status and outlook", "library", discuss hot issues "on the establishment of henan university library development planning the views of the" academic report, and group discussions.

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