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during lunch break, the delegates were led by staff to visit xuhui district library's newly launched reading space - shuxiang tribe.

"shuxiang tribe" is a new self-service reading space integrating "study, living room and studio" launched by xuhui district library. it is open 365 days a year from 8 am to 10 pm, providing more diversified cultural services for public readers."shuxiang tribe" has two floors. the first floor is a self-service lending area, which can provide integrated services such as card handling, inquiry, borrowing and returning books. rfid intelligent bookshelves are used to provide self-service lending services.the second floor is an open reading space with functions of reading communication, audio-visual leisure, exhibition and digital reading.

both the self-service inquiry machine and the smart bookshelf attracted a large number of delegates.and "beautiful" second floor open reading space is to let a person linger.

the afternoon's special report was equally wonderful

shanghai xuhui district library director fang yunfang presided over the afternoon special report.

deng juying, deputy director of the library architecture and equipment committee of the chinese library association, made a special report entitled "openness, connection and integration -- the spatial design of the capital library".

library society of china academic committee, deputy director of professional committee of library statistics and evaluation takanami teacher topic, "university library space reengineering explore" with the example of south china normal university library, the keynote speech, from the concept, vision, sensors and actuators, service content and form, space, south china normal university library are introduced and summarized.

zhang qiwei, executive director of chinese library society, puts forward the prospect of library service from the perspective of technology innovation with the topic of "space expansion and service innovation under rfid technology".

the wonderful speech of the expert triggered a heated discussion among the participants.

finally, the conference concluded in a pragmatic, efficient and friendly atmosphere.

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